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Fans to choose the method

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    The fan selection is a highly technical work, a lot of specific selection methods, such as: non-dimensional characteristics curve selection, according to the curve selection logarithmic coordinates, according to the dimensionless characteristic curve or performance table selection, variant selection, the pipe network resistance selection, there are still Web online selection system and the use of a special selection software selection. Complex, some method of grasp requires a certain expertise.
    For general business, familiar with and master dimensional performance table selection and fan dedicated selection software are two ways to it. Both methods are simple and easy operation. Selection of fan air volume fan needed, the whole pressure of these two basic parameters, you can have the relevant data through the fan dimensionless performance table (each fan product specifications) to determine the model and serial number of the fan, which may be more than one product to meet the requirements; then combined to fan purpose, process requirements, using the occasion to select the fan type, model, and structural materials, etc. to meet the required conditions of work, and strive to make the rated flow and rated pressure of the fan as close as possible to the required flow and pressure of the process, to make the fan run when the operating point close to the efficient area of ​​the fan characteristics. The principles are as follows:
    1) in the choice of ventilator should be aware of the situation of production and product quality of domestic ventilator, such as production of the ventilator varieties, specifications and the special purpose of a variety of products, new product development and promotion, etc., should also give full consideration to environmental protection requirements, in order to select the best fans.
    2), depending on the ventilator gas transportation physical and chemical properties, select the fan for different purposes. Such as the transportation of explosive and flammable gas explosion-proof fan to be elected; dust emission or transport of coal should be selected for dust or pulverized coal ventilator; conveying corrosive gases should choose anticorrosive fan; work in high temperature applications or conveying high temperature gas should be chosen such as high temperature fan.
    3) in the fan performance chart is selected, check the fan to choose more than two kinds, should give priority to higher efficiency machine number smaller: the large adjustment range, of course, also to compare and weigh the The pros and cons but decided.
    4) If the selected fan impeller diameter larger than the original fan impeller diameter, in order to use the original motor shaft, bearings and bearing, the motor start time, fans of the original parts of the strength and axis of the critical speed, etc., be accounted for.
    5) Select the centrifugal fan, when equipped with the motor power is less than or equal to 75KW, from time to install only start with the valve. When the carriage of the high temperature flue gas or air and centrifugal boiler induced draft fan, start with the valve should be set to prevent cold operation, resulting in overload.
    6) ventilation system with muffler requirements, you should first choose a high efficiency and low peripheral speed of impeller fan, and making it work at the highest efficiency point; mode of transmission of noise and vibration generated by the ventilation system should also take appropriate muffler and vibration reduction measures. The fan and motor vibration reduction measures, can be generally damping basis, such as spring shock absorber, rubber damper.
    7) select the fan, you should try to avoid using the fan in parallel or series. When unavoidable, the same model with the performance of the ventilator. When in series, the first level of the fan to the second level of the fan should have a certain amount of pipeline links.
    8) selection of new fans should consider the full use of existing equipment, suitable for field fabrication and installation and safe operation
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